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For most of us today (including me), earning a livelihood involves spending a lot of time on the desk or working on PCs. This leads to strain of eyes and saturation of the brain coupled with rigidity of the spine and weakness in the legs and the core. What’s more, the work pressure often leads to irregularities in lunch timings, water intake and rest. Every single day we think “ek din se thore hi health bigadti hai” but then days turn into weeks, weeks into months and if we are careless enough, months turn into years. When we keep following such unnatural lifestyle patterns for years together, one fine day our body just gives up.

As a corporate yoga teacher in Mumbai, I meet a lot of people who have had to learn the importance of healthy lifestyle the hard way. People come with various disorders of stomach, or kidney, or hormonal imbalances. These are problems not caused by any external agent like some bacteria or virus, these are self-manufactured, systematically created with regular indiscipline!

Many people take these health problems in their stride, but given a chance, surely, they would have preferred to avoid all the trouble. And this is what inspires the way we have designed our various corporate yoga programs where we introduce the participants to some simple and effective wellness tips so that they can prevent such health problems in their lives. Guess what! This blog mentions seven of the several wellness tips from our kitty, read on!

One: Adjust the screen brightness

The first thing to do when we sit at the desk is to check the screen brightness levels. We often take this for granted. If the screen is brighter than the surroundings and feels like a source of light, it is going to be harsh on the eyes. Usually our screens are so bright that the rest of the world just goes dark in comparison. Try adjusting the same to match the surroundings and the eyes will really start feeling more relaxed through the day.

Two: Block the calendar for meals

One pm, two pm, three pm, and sometimes when it is time for the evening tea! In the corporate work culture it is very common for lunch timings to keep sliding off into unnatural time zones, especially when colleagues freely block our calendar – for meetings which never start or end on time. Hence it is a good idea to send ourselves a recurring invite for all the lunch hours and snack times. The body thanks us many times over, when given the timely fuel it needs.

Three: Circulate the fluid

These days, I see many instances of young people with kidney problems. One common culprit is the habit of holding urine for the sake of getting the work at hand done. We forget that our kidneys are also always working equally hard, if not more. We can’t be putting off urinating for something as inconsequential as readying a presentation or submitting a project. Go urinate often, and drink enough water. Don’t take the kidneys lightly. Please!

Four: Let the feet breathe

When we sit for 8 hours a day on a chair with our feet wrapped in closed shoes, it is really bad for venous circulation. It is important to expose our feet to ambient air, so that the nerve endings are stimulated. Even the simple act of moving the toes has a very soothing and rejuvenating effect on the mind and body. For work, we should consciously choose footwear which can be slipped off so we can wiggle and curl our toes and get them some fresh air.

Five: Get creative with sitting

The word “asana” in fact means “to sit in a particular way”. One of the things we have today completely given up in our everyday life are the various healthy Indian ways of sitting. Even in an office chair, we can get the zing of yoga at work with slight adjustments in postures like vajrasana, vrsasana, ardhapadmasana. These asanas were designed by yogis to work on our energy centers in specific ways so as to bring flexibility, strength, stability and improve circulation.

Six: Walk from time to time

Get up to fill your bottle, get up to urinate, get up to just walk to the elevator and come back, get up to see if the legs are fine, get up to see if the back is fine, just get up and generally take a round of the premises, or even go out of the office for some outdoor air. Walking is a great way to naturally de-stress not just the mind, but also the body. 80% of the diseases are caused by stress and we need to be mobile to make sure that stress doesn’t make our body its home!

Seven: Cultivate a real hobby

Often our non-work hours just vanish while we scroll through social media half-dead and the clock goes around. It is important that we plan our non-work time – take up something that brings a spring in our stride; something that gives us a reason to call it a day and leave from work early. There are so many things we could do – doodle, sing, read. These things let us connect to our real self and give us an outlet to express and explore our imagination.