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Thank you, my Yoga Guru ;-).

Hi Silky,

I have been practicing yoga for more than 2 years (from books, Youtube and your blogs) now and would like to thank you for inspiring me towards yoga by clearing my doubts.
Reading books about yoga took me slowly towards detachments form social world to the spiritual world below are some of the changes that occurred in the last 2 years

  1. Deleted all my social media profiles long back and never felt to create it again. (also this email I used after a long time).
  2. Restrictive use of the internet for productive office/personal work and yoga videos/notes/blogs.
  3. Getting up early, ashtanga yoga practice, spiritual reading, good/positive speaking, saatvik diet, office, and sleeping.
  4. And also got canceled mobile since it’s not good for health and also a big distraction in today’s world.
  5. Many feel I have become anti-social but by doing above I feel happy and more focused on my spiritual journey and am also able to give my family good time and concentrate on my work better.
  6. From the aggressive and strong-minded person, I have become a quite peaceful, humble and spiritual person.

I read one quote that I like to share (it helped me in my spiritual journey)

“When I open my eyes to the outer world,
I feel myself as a drop in the sea;
But when I close my eyes and look within,
I see the whole universe as a bubble
Raised in the ocean of my heart.”
By Inayat Khan

Thank You