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Philosophy and short bio

A Guru once said:
“Every time you have the luxury of daydreaming, try doing this small exercise.
Ask yourself :
Who is it that thinks thoughts in my mind
Who actually sees through these eyes
Who is listening to the sounds in my ears
Who is involuntarily breathing
Who really talks when I begin to speak
You will be fascinated with the answers that you get…”

Traversing to reach her goal, the answers were always varied and every time different for Spoorthi. She then realized that the answers were not the destination, but just a stepping stone to another beginning. Having been initiated to asanas and pranayamas at a very young age of 15 by her parents, yoga was an integral part of her growing years. The quest to get to the core of life, kept her going even during the college & designing days. So one day when she decided to divert from her glitzy corporate life as Trend and Color Forecast Researcher, to get into the depth of Yoga; she knew she was finally at the threshold of a purposeful journey.

And eventually, she decided to take up yoga professionally, only to delve deeper into her Sadhana. Simultaneously she met her Guru, who further cemented her pursuit and she joined to do her 900 hours of teachers training program at The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai. She is currently pursuing her M.Sc. Yoga, at S-VYASA, in the area of therapeutics of Yogic Science and Research.

With the teachings that Spoorthi has received from her Gurus, she thinks it very important for people to know, What Yoga is not? And then What Yoga Is? It is not standing on your head, not twisting yourself till your bones crackle, it is to experience everything that is a part of you, in the true sense. Once you have had this glimpse the result is unending peace and strength the likes of which you cannot imagine…

Favourite Yoga Sutra

Atha yoga-anushasanam
Now the study of Yoga begins. Yoga is always in the here and now. The true Power is in the ‘Now’.

Teaching experience

  • Yoga in Educational Institution: Podar International School & College


  • 900 Hours Advance Teachers’ Training Course, 2017, The Yoga Institute, Mumbai
  • Masters in Design Space and Research


Powai, Kanjurmarg