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It is said that stress is the cause of a majority of diseases. Even genetic weak links in the health get broken only under pressure from stress and stress related physiological changes. Sustained stress for today’s man comes from a number of sources – some easy to guess, some not so much. While work related stress is heard of commonly, there’s also the stress related to huge exposure to social media and the pressure of ‘You Live Only Once’! Every body wants to do so much and yet few are getting anywhere worthwhile without compromising their most valuable asset in today’s life – their body, mind and spiritual growth. If you are a leader sensitive to your workforce, your employees or your team, it would not take you too long to realize that so many of them are in dire need of being empowered with relevant stress management principles so that they can bring positive changes in their lives! A stress management workshop is a great way of making this happen.

What is a stress management workshop?

A stress management workshop is a participatory and highly interactive exploration and discovery mechanism where a group with some sort of common background or interest area gets the luxury of taking a back seat and looking at their life and themselves from a much wider perspective than they can afford to in their day to day lives. At The Yoga Mile, we add our special magic of ancient Indian yoga principles and make it fit into the stress management context in ways that drive us to charge of our emotions, manage our lives more actively and obviously build the strength and the wisdom to deal with stress of various kinds.

Our stress management workshops are structured as follows:

  • Short introductions from the participating members
  • Understanding the concept of ‘stress’ and bursting some myths around the same
  • Connecting stress to the patterns of mental thinking we have developed over not just ages, but many lifetimes!
  • Unearthing some insights about us and using the understanding to develop immunity against stress
  • Applying yoga principles to real life stressful situations and practicing the same with the group during the workshop
  • Quick summaries, addressing of the participant queries, and bidding adieu

Planning for a customized workshop around stress management?
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Why us?

  • BEEN THERE, DONE THAT – When we talk about dealing with stress, it is not from the books we have read. Well, yes, we have read the books too, but more importantly, we have gone through stress and overcome the same by applying yoga principles. That’s what our trainers personify – they are stories in themselves, and you will get to listen to many in our workshops.
  • TRAINERS WHO ARE LIKE YOU! – We won’t present you with trainers who speak in esoteric terms or ways that just shoots over your head like a plane happened to pass. We select trainers based on the group mix and the background and ensure that you have someone who you would not only find easy to understand but also someone you would like to talk to as a friend!
  • THE RIGHT MIX OF PROFESSIONALISM AND PASSION – Just like Buddha, we too like to follow the middle path. Not too far on the either extremes, but just there in that zone, where we are approachable, workable with and reference-able to your boss the next time around! In the midst of all of this, we will try to infect you with our passion of yoga though, and you won’t regret that. 🙂

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