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Kids Yoga Programs

Health loving kids will make wellness conscious adults.

Group yoga classes for kids is a great way to gradually introduce them to yoga principles in thought, speech and action. The exposure to yoga techniques at a young age makes them more self-reliant, develops integrity, confidence, humility and an open attitude towards different perspectives in life. They also learn to work as a team, to accept each other as well as themselves. More than anything, they learn to go beyond their limitations and become a more balanced and enhanced personality as they grow up.

Why Us?

We love kiddos and understand very well what a kids yoga class is all about. The language, the presentation, the simplification while not reducing the effects – matter a lot in any kids yoga program. We make use of much more than just asanas when teaching and facilitating a kids class. Stories, activities, play and fun are all inter-twined with yoga techniques in our teaching methodology.

Kids Yoga Routines:

  • Healthy sense organs (eyes, ears etc.)
  • Posture correction, body awareness and balance
  • Height growth and skeletal fitness
  • Complete body exercise addressing different body parts
  • Improved neuro-muscular coordination
  • Rest and relaxations
  • Kids Pranayamas
  • Kids Meditation
  • Activities and play designed for personal growth

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Silky Agarwal

silky agarwal founder and teacher the yoga mile

Silky Agarwal is a traditional yoga practitioner and teacher certified as QCI Level 2 ‘Yoga Teacher’ as per AYUSH Ministry’s Scheme for Yoga Professionals. She specializes in introducing the ancient science of holistic wellness and self growth to people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups.