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Yoga and self-development workshops

Systematic Meditation Workshop (By Kalpana Mehta)

We will update the details of upcoming workshop, whenever the same is conducted again.  Learn meditation as per Himalayan Tradition, the oldest yoga tradition. A 2-day workshop by Kalpana Mehta,...

Stress Management Workshops

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Customized Yoga Workshops

So you have a unique idea about engaging your employees or your team for a special experience that widens their vistas, inspires them to go beyond and challenges them to up the ante? Well, you are...

Special yoga workshops prod us on towards a journey within

If you need to introduce your team or a specific group to a self-management concept or idea as part of your corporate employee development program or as part of your managerial development program, a yoga workshop can be a unique yet completely relevant addition to the schedule. No, we are not talking about trying to stand on one leg or practicing breathing on the mat alone, we are talking about exploring various self-management techniques and concepts with the use of yogic principles. If you are a Human Resource executive of an organization based out of India, this is one of the must-do things for your employees. Read on to know more.

What is an immersive yoga workshop?

An immersive yoga workshop is a hands-on yoga experience and yoga learning opportunity for a group with common interests. Such a workshop may be held on any specific topic on self-development and self-improvement such as stress management, dealing with fears, preparing for retirement, accepting change, welcoming marriage as a new phase of life and so on. These workshops are held over a duration of 3 to 5 hours in a given day and may go on for a fixed number of days as a stand alone session or as a recurring session with cumulative results. These workshops are full of activity, learning and discussions among the participants and aims to encourage them in building a newer, wider perspective towards life – both at and outside of the sphere of work.

How is a yoga workshop like this different from a regular yoga class or a usual seminar?

  • A yoga workshop involves much more than just the practice of asanas, pranayamas and meditations.  Most importantly they involve discussions revolving around deeper life topics related to managing the self in any given environment and to be able to do one’s best in any given situation.
  • These workshops are much more intimate because there’s self-counselling involved in the very design of the workshop, so participants are facilitated to come up with their own solutions to various common challenges they face in day to day life.
  • These workshops involve interactions among participants and are not at all the kind of one to many discourses we are all used to sleeping through!

In short, a yoga workshop makes the ancient yogic principles accessible and applicable in the life of the modern human being for him or her to make use of in his or her day to day life situations!

Our yoga workshops are designed as follows:

  • Personal introductions from the attending participants
  • Interactive topic exploration and ‘why’s’ to arrive at the root of the subject of the workshop
  • Linking the subject to the self – attitudes, habits, belief systems, personality traits
  • Discovering a better way of living, acting or responding with the help of yoga principles and techniques
  • Practice and personalized application of the yoga techniques to real life scenarios
  • Summaries, questions and answers, and farewell

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Silky Agarwal

silky agarwal founder and teacher the yoga mile

Silky Agarwal is a traditional yoga practitioner and teacher certified as QCI Level 2 ‘Yoga Teacher’ as per AYUSH Ministry’s Scheme for Yoga Professionals. She specializes in introducing the ancient science of holistic wellness and self growth to people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups.