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Corporate Yoga Programs

Happier, healthier employees means a happier, healthier you!

What can be better than being able to take a quick break from work in the interest of health! Workplace yoga sessions are becoming increasingly popular as the workforce adopts the digital desks of today, where without really going anywhere else, people can get big things done! Yes, that’s a dream come true, isn’t it? But like everything else, it has its cons. And so we are seeing an increasing trend of various health problems which originate not in infections or malnutrition but in continued wrong postures, lack of physical exercises and head-loads of stress. This is the perfect case of insuring livelihood while neglecting life itself! Yoga offers a unique way to offer your employees a big health advantage in the shortest possible time span. And that’s what we at The Yoga Mile are adept at doing.

Clients we have worked with:

Corporate Yoga Harmony Distributors Pvt Ltd Mumbai Corporate Office Yoga Blue Cross Laboratories Mumbai

Why Us?

Our highly qualified corporate yoga trainers, having worked for a good number of years in the corporate environment, are most competent to undertake customized regular yoga sessions for corporate employees focused around stress management, physical fitness and mental rejuvenation!

Our Workplace Yoga Routine Covers:

  • Posture correction, body awareness and mindfulness
  • Relieving skeleto-muscular stress in critical joints like shoulders, neck and back
  • Health and fitness of spine, abdomen and the extremities
  • Improved neuro-muscular coordination
  • Relieving eye stress
  • Destressor pranayamas
  • Meditative internalization
  • Introspective visualizations

30-Minute Workplace Yoga Sessions

It's quicker than a snack-break! But the value you get out of one such session is immense. It puts life into perspective, gives you a relief from the information overload, refreshes the mind and the...

60-Minute Workplace Yoga Sessions

Offer your employees a comprehensive unwinding yoga session in the evenings. These are full 60-minute yoga sessions which breathe fresh life not just into the body but also into the mind. Perfect as...

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Silky Agarwal

silky agarwal founder and teacher the yoga mile

Silky Agarwal is a traditional yoga practitioner and teacher certified as QCI Level 2 ‘Yoga Teacher’ as per AYUSH Ministry’s Scheme for Yoga Professionals. She specializes in introducing the ancient science of holistic wellness and self growth to people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups.