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“I was 86 kgs in January. Doctor told me I was obese. That word triggered something in me. I started on a weight loss diet and by April end, I was down to 77 kgs. Today, I am more energetic and I feel lighter and brighter.” – Ranjeet

Ranjeet Nambiar, 52, had always been physically active, even as a teenager. But things changed when his seniority in his work profile made him desk bound and made his life sedentary. One fine day as part of his regular check ups he happened to get his weight checked, and it dawned on him that something needed to be done, immediately. He got going.

Although he did his surya namaskars, he soon realized, there is only so much physical activity he could do given his work profile. There was another important piece in the health equation that was being neglected for far too long. It was the spread on his plate. And to get it sorted out, he decided to hire a professional dietitian and approached Anita Gupta of Aharayogam.

What dietary changes Ranjeet brought about:

  • He changed the quantity of oil. The ideal suggested by his dietitian was 5 ml to 10 ml per person, per meal.
  • He cut down on wheat and simple carbs
  • He increased the quantum of veggies, proteins and fruits

NOTE: Any dietary changes should be in accordance with one’s body type, specific deficiencies and daily energy requirements.

Experiential tips from Ranjeet:

  • Never compromise on energy levels. Eat frequently as needed, but eat right.
  • Befriend salads (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce)
  • For snacks choose steamed and low oil items (idli, poha, upma)
  • When travelling or forced to eat out, pick the vegetable pieces and leave out the oily gravy

“These diet changes helped me reduce belly size. I realized that I was also able to bend better in my asana practices.” – Ranjeet

Let’s get a sense of what Ranjeet’s meals looked like:


  • Vegetable juice
  • 2-3 toasts/paranthas
  • Egg
  • Fruits (with a gap of about an hour)

  • Vegetable juice (carrot, beetroot, tomato)
  • 1 or no toast
  • Omlette full of veggies / moong chilla / upma / poha / idli
  • Lots of fruits (with a gap of about an hour)

  • 2 wheat chappatis
  • Vegetable curry with usual oil
  • Dal
  • Curd
    (And often eating out)

  • 1 Jowar roti
  • Vegetables cooked in low oil
  • Sprouts
  • Chaas
  • Salads
  • Dal – once or twice a week
  • Rice – once or twice a week

  • Vada pav / Samosas

  • Dry nuts / black roasted chana / diet chivdaws

  • Same as lunch (and often taken to be compulsory)

  • No roti
  • No rice
  • Salads
  • Cooked vegetables (or) vegetable soup

To make things easy, we got Ranjeet to also send a few snaps of his meals, so take a look at the below! 😀 😀

weight loss diet fruits for breakfast

Fruits for breakfast

weight loss diet masala omlette with a lot of veggies

Masala omlette with a lot of veggies

weight loss diet vegetable juice for breakfast
Vegetable juice for breakfast

weight loss diet jowar roti for lunch

Jowar roti for lunch

weight loss diet veggies, dal and salad for dinner

Veggies, dal and salad for lunch and dinner

weight loss diet salads for lunch and for dinner close up

Salads for lunch and for dinner


weight loss diet salads for lunch and for dinner

Salads for lunch and for dinner

Banner photo credits: Kunal Prem
Meal photographs by: Ranjeet Nambiar