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If you are reading this blog, most likely, you too sit for a living. And all those who do so, know very well, what that does to the spine, if sufficient care is not taken. Realizing this, the HR professionals today are doing their bit to educate their people and spearheading office yoga sessions which are designed to meet the special needs of people sitting for hours at the desk. My recent session with Zoetis was one which did just that.

Those who sit for a living must invest it learning healthy sitting habits.

Some of the common effects of wrong posture include – increased lumbar curvature, cervical pain and stiffness, raised or uneven shoulders, early manifestation of skeleto-muscular disorders, bulging belly, enteroptosis, reduced lung capacity, poor digestion and sub-optimal blood circulation. All of this, coupled with the stress levels makes for a deadly combination of lifestyle diseases and limited mobility of joints.

However, there is a way to prevent these issues and to nip them in the bud, by incorporating fitness as a way of life in our routines. Such an educative and empowering session was made available to Zoetis by their HR heads and sure enough, the participants were more than happy to do their bit for their health. Skeleto-muscular health and meditative techniques were the highlights of the routines offered. It was a pleasure for me to interact with the team there. More power to such initiatives.

After the very first session, the participants said that they would love to have such a wellness session everyday. They found it awesome, especially liked the way the session was handled. – Jigna, Team Zoetis

Corporate yoga with Zoetis fun picture

Team Zoetis strikes an ad-hoc yoga pose to end the 60 minute interactive wellness session.