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So these are the treasurable personal certificates. They each have an origami artifact to go with the award semiotics.  The one on the right is a like symbol, used to portray an ever positive or an ‘all is well’ attitude. The folding instructions can be accessed here.

The one on the right is an empty chair, which indicates that a person finds it rather monotonous and boring to be at the work-desk and is usually away! Chair folding instructions here.

Oh yeah! That’s Anna Hazare, the revolutionary fasting sensation.  I used him to portray the person/s given to habitual fasting or the Indian ‘vrat’.  The cap used here is the signature ‘Gandhi Topi’. Cap folding instructions here.

This one’s self explanatory, it was for the best dressed girl at the office!  Frock folding instructions here.

And this one’s here is for the best dressed man’s award. 🙂 Shirt folding instructions here.

Ohh! My stomach is aching with all that heavy lunch at the office I had! *hehe*  Lunch basket folding instructions here.

Dichkaun! All those fans of Kavita Kaushik – this is for the lady that has the Chautala in her DNA. Gun folding instructions here.

Yumm is the word for that delicious piece of cake!  Are you a foodie too? With a sweet tooth at that!?  Cake folding instructions here.

Granny glasses with strings – instantly makes you feel all wise and preachy, eh?  Glasses folding instructions here.

Ahha! Face changing chameleons, that’s what some people are at workplace, it seems. Changing faces folding instructions here.

Are you one of those people who have their hands raised high up, for any adventure, game or outing? Well, then this one’s for you. Man folding instructions here.

If jogging, running and measuring your miles is what fascinates you, then you deserve this fitness award. Alternatively, they are said to make awesome baby shower gifts 😀 Shoes folding instructions here.

Have you a habit of getting lucky at whatever you do, and you just can’t help it?  That’s quite like the girl with the golden touch at my workplace. A champion at winning online contests and hoarding awards!  Treasure chest folding instructions here.

Do you have look-alikes at workplace and you just can’t get over that fact?  This is for the duo then!  Face folding instructions here.

For a young newcomer who remind you of your school days! Same folding instructions as above!

That’s a metaphor for a female-magnet of the team!

Flower folding instructions here and Bee folding instructions here.  (I used another link for the flower but can’t seem to find it anymore)

For the soul that feeds the hungry and cares for the disturbed – the ‘Mamma bear’ of the team.  Koala bear folding instructions here.

The dragon teeth! For the employee who ends up messing with others (deliberately or accidentally). Vampire teeth folding instructions here.

And that’s a watch, for the man who is as punctual as the sun when it comes to setting for the day! Wrist watch folding instructions here.

This one’s is for the wise man who is never wrong in his predictions – the HOD of our marketing department.  Man folding instructions here.

Oh yeah! This is the selfie king of the team, always ready with a cool ‘Yo’ gesture at the very sight of a camera. Hand skeleton folding instructions here.

The wild party guy is characterized here with a wild party hat. Here’s one for the show stopper on every team party. Hat folding instructions here. After I folded the hat, I added the extra paper folding pieces as horns to give it a ‘wild’ touch.

Aah! The south-Bombay girl, one with the ‘town’ in her blood and demeanor.  No matter where she is, she lives with the Mumbai Marine Drive skyline behind her.  Girl folding instructions here.

Always up for a socializing event, she loves to flutter her wings wherever the crowd is. Butterfly folding instructions here.

A workaholic to the core, in corporate cubicles has the computer mouse as their most favorite prop, and hence the allegory used! Mouse folding instructions here.