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Mind Your Breath!

Do you know that the nature of your breath is an indicator of how long you live?

Yogic practices have been founded on the observation of a simple phenomenon in nature:

The slower we breathe, the longer we live.


  • 30 to 60 breaths per minute
  • Life span: 1 to 2 years


  • 10 to 35 breaths per minute
  • Life span: 10 to 13 years


  • 4 breaths per minute
  • Life span: 150 years

Human beings take an average of 15 breaths per minute. Anything higher than this indicates presence of dis-ease which could be in terms of long term stress, hormonal imbalance, obesity, high blood pressure, a chronic infection or also a fever. In simple terms, your body is spending more energy than it should, and so it needs more oxygen which is why it is making you breathe faster.

Lower breath rates are a sign of equilibrium in the system and ultimately greater immunity towards stress and disease.

Once you realize this you will become more aware of your breath because your life depends on it.


If your breath rate is usually above 15 per minute, be careful. Something’s not right. If it is usually below 10, congratulations! You are doing good job of living healthy.

So before we close, let’s look at a few things that make us breathe fast!

  • Strenuous physical activities like running, cycling or gymming
  • Anger and other negative emotions
  • Too much multitasking or continual switching from one thing to other
  • Excessive mobile usage and incessant scrolling

Some of these things are quite unavoidable today. So, what can we do?
We can culture our breath through pranayamas and relaxation techniques which are unique to yoga!

Breathe slow, stay calm, live long and keep learning…