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This is a much delayed blog (but better late than never…) on our experiences with kids in the special yoga week as part of the “SnipFlip” summer camp in Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Mumbai. About 17 kids of ages 3 to 11 participated in full swing. The kids were full of curiosity and eagerness; yoga seemed to have a good following among them!

What’s more interesting – almost every kid wanted to sit in sukhasan, eyes closed and fingers arranged in jnana mudra. That’s called media exposure!

However, Sanskrit posture names were like tongue twisters for them uninitiated lot and it was endearing to hear them trying to get their tongues around the pronunciations.

Overall, the kids responded beautifully to the gentle sun salutations, were excited for inversions (as ever), wobbly in one-leg poses and a natural in downward dogs. Guess what was their favorite one? Rabbit pose! Once into it, they just wouldn’t come out of it.

Teaching yoga to kids being so much fun, I enjoyed myself to the brim. I was surprised to see how well exposed the kids today are, they already know much more than we did at their age. Answering their questions and making sense to them involved a lot of learning opportunity for me as teacher.