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What do the young and ambitious breed of working professionals need in their work environment? Freedom, appreciation, challenges and lots of opportunities for growth. The Glitch’s talent management and cultural heads knowing better, have been aiming to do much more than all of the above – they have been dedicating time and resources towards providing wellness oriented sessions which neutralize the effects of day to day stress, increase energy levels and reduce burn out. Sure enough, this is need of the hour for every organization today – it is a real way of showing that you care!

It is a real way of showing that you care!

When I had my first discussion with Petal and Unaiza at The Glitch, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they understood the holistic wellness approach – one that caters to the mind and the spirit and not just the body. The Yoga Mile’s USP being what it is, I immediately knew it would all fit beautifully. We custom-designed a weekly wellness experience for their people and soon enough, we had our very first session.

Laughter and joy marked the 60 minutes that we spent together. The room was houseful and we had active and very involved participation from one and all. Shavasana was the highlight of the first session. The silence and the stillness that ensued as the participants switched off into sleep mode for this technique was something that must be experienced first hand by every working professional out there in today’s world…

The feedback from participants has been extremely positive and I already know at least 7 people who are looking forward to attend the next session. – Unaiza, Head of Human Resources, The Glitch

A snap from the office yoga session with The Glitch

The Glitch folks engaged in a mind and body stilling experience.