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Out of the hundreds that learn yoga, only a handful continue to practice it.


One of the reasons is the lack of systematic guidance around how to safely and effectively pursue it in day to day life.

To address this gap, we have come up with a “Personalized Wellness Guide” – a one of its kind yoga routine tailored to meet every member’s wellness needs.

Personalized Wellness Guide

How does it work?

The guide serves as a holistic template under which are prescribed carefully selected and appropriately modified kriyas, asanas, pranayamas, diet and mind management tools for each member.

What to do with it?

Once you have completed a minimum number of classes with us, this guide can be used for home practice or carried along on trips as a ready reference so that your practice of yoga continues uninterrupted.

What not to do with it?

Do not be a yoga quack: Remember this is completely tailored for you so do not prescribe it to friends or family.

Reasons to be happy

It is completely FREE! However you become eligible for the same after completing a minimum of 15 classes and the mandatory health discussion with us. These ensure that you are sufficiently familiar with our style of yoga and your own body and can safely pursue unsupervised practice at home.