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Yoga people are morning people! We enjoy being up with the sun, so that we can be alive and awake to absorb all that morning has to offer – the chirping of the birds, the gentle warmth of the rising sun, the calm of the city and the company of other early risers!

I have always felt that two early risers have a lot in common, and somewhere deep, they share a bond. When we rise early, it is as if, we share that bond with so many other creatures on the planet as well! Not to mention, the fresh oxygen that the greenery around us blesses us with, at that hour of the day, and how our lungs eager to use it all, work to their optimum capacity 😊. Yes, the body clock gets revived and the natural rhythm of the body gets reinforced.

So, when Ashish, our batchmate from the 2 year TTC course, The Yoga Institute, planned an early morning yoga outing. for 31st December 2017, with other yoga friends from the batch, and I happened to be available with no prior commitments, I immediately jumped at it! And it was definitely a pleasurable experience. Here’s a snapshot of what he had planned:

  • Gathering at the Juhu beach at 7 am
  • Walk towards the Isckon beach area by 7:20 am
  • Complete yoga practices with conditioning, sahaj vyayam, asanas, pranayamas, and meditative practices
  • Watching the waves ascend and descend
  • Singing soulful songs together
  • Play time with games like 1-2-3 hahaha, Doubling Kho-kho, names memory game
  • Breakfast buffet at Isckon temple’s Govinda’s restaurant

There’s so much to write about each of these, but I will stick to what touched me the most. I especially want to mention the wave watching activity because that was something I consciously did for the first time ever! As we sat facing the horizon, with our backs to the rising sun, it almost felt like the waves were saying something very important by simply coming and going. Everything in life comes and goes, the breath, life, people, situations, and so on. It was such a fitting message that the waves were giving, on the morning of 31st of December – telling us probably – that an year is about to go, and another one to come! So here’s a loving goodbye to 2017 and a warm welcome to the year 2018. Let’s live more, awaken ourselves some more, and make this planet a slightly better place to call our home, in this vast universe.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the morning, and so did others who came! It was evident from the fact that even though we stuck to the schedule, we remained lingering with each other much longer! Here are some of the lovely pictures! 😊