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The new year week is not yet over, and you may be thinking what an unfitting thought at this time! Well, yes, there’s been death on my mind lately, and it has been transforming the very quality of my life. So, I thought, why not share with you all, what a joyful thing it is, to have death on one’s mind.

It is said, that when we fall in love, we become joyful. When we give birth to a new born, we become joyful. And, when we visit a crematory, then too our perspective towards life changes only for the better. Why so? What’s common among falling in love, birthing a baby and watching a lifeless body? They all remind us of the temporariness of what we have. They all remind us of what we could lose. And there’s beauty in that thought. For it makes us value it all so much more, it makes us treasure and celebrate what we have and makes us so much more grateful to life and its gifts.

When we read stories of Steve Jobs and other successful men, we cannot help notice one common pattern in what they share as their life’s greatest learning – at the time of death, very few things matter, often the things that we continue to take granted all our lives. Joy, peace and honesty towards one’s self. That’s because death makes the beauty of life outshine all the paraphernalia, we attach to it.  It brings into focus only that which matters, not the fame, not prosperity, not even ambitions.

Now I know, when Sadhguru says we must think of our mortality every hour of the day, what he really means. Oh my! It changes one’s life without disturbing it one bit.

An awareness of my temporariness has made me worry less, struggle less, and made me bolder in an extremely subtle way. About bolder, I would like to elaborate. I am not talking of the boldness of bungee jumping here. I am talking of the boldness of being able to listen and follow what I really enjoy amidst the drowning din of what my environment buzzes with. Having death on my mind has also made me less obsessed with things in general. Less compulsive, less adrenaline driven and less everything that draws energy away from me. In short, it has made me treasure the wealth of life throbbing within.

Wishing you all a happy 2019!