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So you have a unique idea about engaging your employees or your team for a special experience that widens their vistas, inspires them to go beyond and challenges them to up the ante?

Well, you are in the right place!

The Yoga Mile specializes in designing and delivering highly customized yoga workshops on any topic you can think of! Life, love, fear, success, happiness, health, diet, retirement, theatre or even dance! Well, it is not us, it is the universality of yoga which makes it possible. This simple science which has been evolving for the last many thousands of years throughout human existence has so much to offer, that you can never hope to have had enough of it! Trust us, it is far from boring. We can say this because it keeps enthusing and surprising us every single day. And we are passionate about facilitating the same experience for you too. Talk to us, and we will tell you more!

The process we follow when designing a customized yoga workshop

  1. Requirements gathering – Asking very specific questions to understand your objective, the participants and the desired outcomes from the workshop
  2. Designing the outline – Putting on our thinking hats to come up with a unique and relevant workshop structure
  3. Discussions – Sharing of the structure to get client views and ideas incorporated into the design
  4. Detailing – Building the workshop content for the given duration (say 4 hours x 2 days) around the structure agreed upon

Planning for a customized workshop around yoga concepts?
Email your workshop requirements to silky@theyogamile.com .
Or leave your requirement details with us at +91-99306-84520

Why us?

  • THE FUN: We like to make things fun, because let’s accept it, who likes to sleep through a man or woman talking for hours at a stretch? We have all had enough of those boring seminars where power-point presentations in the range of 100+ slides are run through a group of completely tired and overwhelmed individuals.
  • THE PASSION: Had we not been into yoga, we would currently be sky rocketing or travelling to moon or some such thing! Yoga gives us the kick and we like to infect others with that intoxicating experience of being with one’s self.
  • THE SERIOUSNESS: We like to take up everything with utter professionalism. Be it punctuality or the communication standards or the experience we deliver, we like to be dependable.

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