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Corporate yoga is very popular these days, with HR professionals in various companies conducting yoga-at-work sessions for the employees. Some call it ‘office yoga’, some call it ‘desk yoga’. It involves is practice of customized yogic techniques whilst sitting at the desk. There are lots of benefits of such corporate yoga programs but there’s much more to yoga at work. Yoga being ‘a way of life’ should not be restricted to neck and ankle rotations or a few cycles of chair-suryanamaskars. The idea is to adopt some healthy habits throughout the day’s routines – both at office and at home.

Rituals…whether we realize it or not, we all have personal rituals at home and at work. Not all of them are healthy though – we pour in cups of coffee, or stuff in cream biscuits from the office pantry. We go for sutta breaks and down cups of chai boiled many times over in aluminum leaching vessels. When such unhealthy habits take root in our lives, they lead to long term consequences for critical organs in the body. If we really care enough about ourselves, we got to attack these at the root. Nervous disturbances and stress are the key triggers for many of these. Slowly and steadily, we need to replace these with some self-care rituals which can blend with our daily work-routines – job title and salary no bar!


The “Hello Desk” Ritual

While the PC wakes up from the deep slumber each day, we can do our bit to settle in. Things to do:

  • Emptying the bladder
  • Filling water bottle to the brim – you need it more in AC rooms!
  • Adjusting the chair height, arm rest and sitting with spine supported
  • Taking 10 yogic breaths (using belly-ribs-chest) with closed eyes
  • Drinking water to full satiation before starting work!

The “Lunch” Ritual

Lunch is one of the most important meals we have, so it is important to get the best from the food consumed. Things to do:

  • Drinking a glass of water 20 minutes before lunch time to be hydrated
  • Using these 20 minutes to exercise key stress zones with desk-yoga
  • Washing hands before touching food
  • Eating variety (no fruits) over the week for the senses and the body!
  • Having enough liquids with lunch – chaas or curd or daals (but no water)
  • Sitting at the lunch table for 5-10 minutes to let the food go down
  • Being scrupulous about rinsing the mouth and washing eyes too!
  • Emptying the bladder after lunch
  • Going for a slow walk for 5-10 mins
  • Sitting in chair-vajrasana to resume work

The “Good Bye” Ritual

Before leaving from office, especially if we live in a city like Mumbai or Bangalore, we need to take extra care to keep our BP normal on the road! Things to do:

  • Charging the cell phone!
  • Emptying the bladder
  • Consuming water

These rituals are a way of giving the right signals to our bodies and of lowering stress levels. When we follow them day after day, these turn into habits that adorn our lives and sustain our health for years together. Tell us about some of your personal wellness rituals…

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