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Back-end and front-end. Silent ones and the forthcoming ones. Old and young. Every body turned their chair around, even if for a short while, to experience an hour of traditional yoga right near their desks and laptops. Work was there, calling attention, but body – first us please! And the employees knew well, the body was right!

And thus began the office yoga session on IDY 2018.

It is relieving to know that most of our health problems and stress, although can easily be blamed on to work, and deadlines and month end targets…need not be suffered. Simple desk yoga and chair yoga practices provide a fitting solution to maintaining optimal health lifelong. All one needs to do is commit a small duration of time – often 30 minutes are enough – for a disciplined and self-aware yoga routine.

Yoga being what it is – a holistic system of self-excellence and self actualization –  aims at catering to the whole human being. That’s where the 8 or ashta steps of or angas of yoga come into the picture – yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayamas, pratyahar, dharana, dhyana, samadhi.

Although each of these steps is a deep and profound practice on its own, especially the last 2 steps, which are less of techniques and more of ‘states’ of yogic experience, it is entirely feasible to incorporate almost all of these into a single yoga routine – which can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 60.

This is what guides our corporate / office yoga services. Health, diet, mind management tools and a basic understanding of the discipline of yoga serve as effective tools for personal growth – at work as well as otherwise. BARC employees visibly enjoyed the release of stress from their joints, back and legs. They were also quite involved in the breathing practices that followed.

Overall, it was great to see an eclectic group of people joining the International Yoga Day Session.

Corporate Yoga On International Yoga Day 2018  Corporate Yoga On International Yoga Day 2018
Corporate Yoga On International Yoga Day 2018  Corporate Yoga On International Yoga Day 2018

P.S.: We are happy to have been featured recently among Top Indian Yoga Blogs!