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A pharma company is bound to know the importance of health!

When Blue Cross Laboratories approached us for the International Yoga Day event, they were very clear that they want to go for a 4 day experience rather than a on day blip in the month’s calendar.  And so, we worked out a 4-session yoga schedule for them which incorporated a holistic wellness approach and thereby catered to the needs of body, energy and the mind.

Day 1: Asanas – Attending to the Body

Asanas modified for the chair are the next best thing to asanas on the mat. Being extremely customizable, practitioner friendly, and not requiring any additional infrastructure except the practitioners body and will, yogasanas make up the most lifestyle friendly health activity for one and all. For those desk bound for hours together, chair yogasanas are an ingenious way of releasing stress from key joints, improving blood circulation across spine and legs and preventing lifestyle and posture triggered health concerns.

Day 2: Pranayamas – Expansion of the Energy

Breathing is the most highly taken for granted function of the human body. When bowels do not move well, we take action, when digestion is disrupted, we become alert. When menstrual cycle is off the date, we get calculative. However, breath is something no body gives a damn about. Ironically, it is the breath that guides all other functions in the body. And if only we can sniff the danger right in the air, we can prevent a lot of health issues from transforming into diseases.

Day 3: Dhyana – Focusing the Mind

Just like the CPU gets overworked when multiple programs are open on the desktop, our mind gets tired and ‘hangs’ now and then if not given respite from the overload of thoughts, desires and various negative, destructive emotions that traverse it day and night. To address this very self-destructive tendency of the human mind, yogis had devised various mind focusing techniques. Being what they are, these techniques are man’s best friend in day to day living, helping keep the mind in balance and working at optimum capacity.

Day 4: International Yoga Day – An Amalgamation

A complete yoga routine is one where the practitioner moves seamlessly from body to energy and from energy to mind, catering to each aspect of his or her existence in an effective way. Such a yoga practice can only arise out of self-love and self-care. Unlike the aggressive and more often than not, injurious exercises doled out to over enthusiastic members of today’s gym, aerobics classes et al, yoga works like a magic potion which heals from within, and externally offers a glow that goes beyond the self, permeating all who come in association with the practitioner.