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Wherever we go these days, be it hospitals or cafes, hotels or cinemas, even in our flats, it has become rarer and rarer to find the simple Indian toilet which was so ubiquitous in my childhood. With rising income levels and fascination with the foreign lifestyle, we have ended up flushing common sense and “renovated” our bathrooms with the worst thing for generations to come – the English toilet seat.

Constipation, hemorrhoids and all the consequent health problems of lethargy, bad nutrient absorption, hard bloating bellies, auto-intoxication and what not, follows because of one simple reason – not clearing the bowels regularly. Diseases that were unheard of a few generations back, are now common place in our society. We have succeeded in ‘copying’ a certain lifestyle to the detriment of destroying the quality of our health.

You might wonder, what harm can a simple toilet seat, that works more like a holes chair, do to our health…well, read on.

1. Bad mechanics for bowel movement

For effective bowel movement, the intestinal walls need a good pressure (enabled in squatting position) which helps in expulsion of the fecal matter out of the body. The chair-seated position of today’s so-called-developed world renders this impossible.

If you have no option to transform your current toilet seat, then you may use a high stool under you western toilet to raise your knees higher and to generate ideal pressure on the large intestines.

2. Greater incidence of infections of the urinary tract and the intestines

It is basic common sense to not sit bare skin on the surface which is exposed to several unknown people’s private parts. We do not know the hygiene and skin health status of all the people who used the seat before us, and thereby, it becomes very, very important for us to protect ourselves from some of the many dangerous infections that take the hideous route of the intestine or the urinary tract.

3. Weak knees

No squatting implies weak knees because the angle at which the knee can bend, is not leveraged in other day to day life situations, thus accelerating the arthritis or the osteoporosis of knees as muscles atrophy with disuse. These days, few people can squat down and stay there for more than a few seconds without cringing their faces or letting out a moan – a bad sign of a healthy heritage forgotten completely.

We need to take a step towards health and wisdom by showing clear preference towards the traditional culture of toilet posture. We need to let the kids adopt it for their good. When building a house, we need to make a healthy choice by taking the bathroom seriously. Our health depends on how we sit when clearing our bowels.

By the way, here’s a quick video on why the toilet posture matters: