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Testimonials & clients

Safmarine, International container carrier focused on trade to and from emerging markets in Africa and West Central Asia.

Corporate Office Yoga Safmarine
We have got very good reviews, people enjoyed it all. Thank you for your time and for the wonderful session you conducted.

Sapna Sharma, Seeker

Thank you, my Yoga Guru ;-).

Hi Silky,

I have been practicing yoga for more than 2 years (from books, Youtube and your blogs) now and would like to thank you for inspiring me towards yoga by clearing my doubts.
Reading books about yoga took me slowly towards detachments form social world to the spiritual world below are some of the changes that occurred in the last 2 years

  1. Deleted all my social media profiles long back and never felt to create it again. (also this email I used after a long time).
  2. Restrictive use of the internet for productive office/personal work and yoga videos/notes/blogs.
  3. Getting up early, ashtanga yoga practice, spiritual reading, good/positive speaking, saatvik diet, office, and sleeping.
  4. And also got canceled mobile since it’s not good for health and also a big distraction in today’s world.
  5. Many feel I have become anti-social but by doing above I feel happy and more focused on my spiritual journey and am also able to give my family good time and concentrate on my work better.
  6. From the aggressive and strong-minded person, I have become a quite peaceful, humble and spiritual person.

I read one quote that I like to share (it helped me in my spiritual journey)

“When I open my eyes to the outer world,
I feel myself as a drop in the sea;
But when I close my eyes and look within,
I see the whole universe as a bubble
Raised in the ocean of my heart.”
By Inayat Khan

Thank You


Ayushi Kalra, Retail Industry Professional, Mumbai

Silky’s classes have been truly transformative for me. She focuses not just on the asanas in class but on complete wellness. Her dedication has in turn inspired me to focus on overall well-being. Her customised inputs on diet and self practice plan, and adapting these to our everyday modern lives have been extremely helpful. It is also commendable how she gives individual attention to each attendee in the class. These classes have made yoga and its ideology a part of my lifestyle and not just restricted to class hours, all thanks to Silky and her dedication!”

Zoetis, Global Animal Health Company, Mumbai

Corporate Office Yoga Zoetis Mumbai

“After the very first session, the participants said that they would love to have such a wellness session everyday. They found it awesome, especially liked the way the session was handled.” – Jigna, Team Zoetis

The Glitch, Full Service Marketing and Advertising Agency, Mumbai

Corporate Office Yoga The Glitch Mumbai
“The feedback from participants has been extremely positive and I already know at least 7 people who are looking forward to attend the next session.” – Unaiza, Head of Human Resources

Anish Upadhyay, Working Professional, Mumbai

“‘The Yoga Mile’ is a great destination to learn yoga and ‘Silky’ an excellent teacher who patiently provides guidance and encouragement to students.”

Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai, Retail Experiences and Shopping Giant

Corporate Office Yoga Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai
“Hi good evening, Saylee and Gayatri both gave me a great feedback for today’s session, thanks a lot 😊👍” – Chetan Shinde, Assistant Manager – Training

Chaitali Das, Travel Enthusiast, Mumbai

“Doing yoga with Yoga Mile is a wonderful experience. Silky’s demonstrations and instructions of the various asanas and pranayamas are vivid and very effective. Yoga has made me a far more energetic person today, both physically and mentally, and I can’t thank Silky enough.”

Abhinaba Das, Media Professional, Mumbai

“Doing yoga at Yoga Mile is simply fabulous. Silky is the best yoga teacher I have known, and her focus on getting the posture right and communicating the finer intricacies of the asanas makes it a great learning experience.”

Anoushka Jhangiani, College Student, Mumbai

“I’ve been taking yoga classes under yoga teacher Silky for a couple of months now. I find her a very talented and dedicated teacher. She has vast knowledge of yoga history and asanas and teaches with perfection. Yoga under her has improved my concentration and I’ve become very passionate about yoga.
I suggest every student to train under her because she’s the best!”

Harmony Distributors Pvt. Ltd., Logistics Company

Corporate Yoga Harmony Distributors Pvt Ltd Mumbai
“On behalf of my entire team thank you so much for a wonderful session on International Yoga Day. We all liked the session and the asanas we learnt during the session this was the first time such activity was conducted in our office and it was well appreciated by each one.” – Gayatri Bhati, Training Manager

Blue Cross Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Company

Corporate Office Yoga Blue Cross Laboratories Mumbai
“Hi Silky, Thank you very much for providing us a wonderful Mentor. All our employees are appreciated her a lot. Thanks once again toMs. Uma Iyer for teaching yoga in very ease method and made our event successful.” – Sona Dighe, Executive – Human Resources & Admin

Danceline DSouza, Corporate Professional, Chembur, Mumbai

“Took at-home classes & absolutely loved it! Spoorthi Poojari is a superb yoga teacher. She is very knowledgeable & though she is an expert she was very patient & positive with a first timer like me. Her love & admiration for yoga is infectious. I am always looking forward to my next class with her.”

Anuradha Anand, Speech Therapist and Homemaker, Chandivali, Mumbai

“Attending yoga classes in The Yoga Mile with Silky as instructor has been an extremely satisfying and highly enriching experience for me. Every exercise is taught with complete understanding of why and how aspect in simple language and excellent demonstrations! Individual attention is given to every member to facilitate learning! I enjoyed learning yoga in The Yoga Mile and it has certainly refreshed and rejuvenated my body and soul.”

Simran Kamath, Teenager, Marol, Mumbai

“Yoga mile is a great place and I cherish everyday that I have spent there. Silky is the best teacher and I adore her very much and I loved my experience over here and I still miss my fellow classmates and all the fun that we had. The weekly discussions were really very helpful and at the end of the classes I got to learn a lot and I have become really fit and happy. I would suggest this class to everyone.”

Jayesh Carvalho, Marine Engineer, Marol, Mumbai

Jayesh Carvalho - Testimonial - The Yoga Mile
“Amazing experience & exposure to Yoga being my 1st time practicing Yoga. Able to understand well how it can help us in our day to day life and how we can bring in small changes to get a proper balance in our life. The Teacher has very good knowledge and experience and able to give proper attention towards each individual, understanding how each practioner is different in their abilities. Thanks & deserves a recommendation. A suggestion to the Yoga mile group to advertise it much more. People in and around Marol need to know about this class and surely give it a try.”

Akshata Deshmukh, Finance Professional, Chandivali, Mumbai

Akshata Dekhmukh - Testimonial - The Yoga Mile
“Absolutely enriching experience that helps introspection, body toning, balance of mind and body and a holistic approach to fitness. Appreciate Silky’s personal attention to each and her way of ensuring each one’s issues are addressed effectively.”

Niharika, Entrepreneur and Mother, Chandivali, Mumbai

Silky you are the Best Yoga teacher. You are a qualified Yoga teacher too. You understand each of your student and give personal attention to details. I also got great experience from the meditation you help us go through. I am very happy and it has been a life changing experience to learn Yoga from you. All the BEST.”

Antonio Rodrigues, HR Consultant and Marathon Runner, 63 years, Marol, Mumbai

Antonio Rodrigues - Testimonial - The Yoga Mile
“When I signed up at the Yoga Mile, I was a trifle sceptical about the benefits I would derive. But my scepticism was quickly dispelled by the manner in which Silky handled the class with professionalism and commitment. Added to these qualities, her deep knowledge of yoga was exciting and enriching! The special attention she pays to every participant especially to senior citizens like me compels me to rise early and attend! Learning from someone way younger than oneself makes one believe that the future of our nation is in the right hands! It has been just about a month since I joined and the benefits, I have received, far outweigh the cost! And this can only be attributed to the guru who teaches with skill and dedication. I am proud to be associated with Silky and Yoga Mile and would highly recommend classes here! Such great effort needs to be encouraged.”

Ajita Nair, Banker, 40 years, Marol, Mumbai

“The yoga mile at marol has been extremely encouraging and motivating held by Silky Agarwal a young teacher but extremely knowledgeable of the subject guiding each practitioner post knowing their respective profile about their weak areas of health thus ensuring personalised attention given all through the sessions..It has been a blessing in disguise for a working women like me to have a class very close to my residence and the morning timing being apt for me .I would recommend this to every one who believe in doing yoga the right way and adding value to their healthier life…..Way to go Yoga Mile and wishing Silky Agarwal loads of success ahead…. :)”

Soni Kamath, Facility Operations Professional, Chandivali, Mumbai

Soni Kamath - Testimonial - The Yoga Mile
“I joined Yoga Mile in Dec’2017. The classes are simply awesome & Silky is great coach, she is very motivating, very calm & is absolutely brilliant as a coach. It’s one activity in the day I hate missing. Thank you Silky.. Appreciate your support in making those small changes in life..

Mukesh Anand, Media Professional, Chandivali, Mumbai

“With traditional yoga at its best, The Yoga Mile experience is hours of pure bliss. My quest for seeking physical fitness & flexibility along with mental strength & peace has been richly responded here. I could feel a certain sharpness, serenity & focus within me now. The teacher, Silky Agarwal, pays personal attention in getting the postures right and patiently walking everyone through the process. I would recommend TYM to anyone who wants to achieve equilibrium of mental, physical & emotional health.”

Astha Shaw, CSR professional, Chandivali, Mumbai

“In Silky’s yoga classes it is not just about learning yoga for fitness purpose but also about correcting your postures again and again by being more aware of your body. It is also about how with your body you can have a healthy mind and improve your focus and concentration with the poses. I have been attending her classes for the past 2 months and I am already able to see a huge difference in my lifestyle. Thank you Silky for all the support.”

Vivek Shah, Digital Marketing Professional, Chandivali, Mumbai

Vivek Shah - Client - The Yoga Mile
Silky’s The Yoga Mile was one of the most fulfilling experiences for me. She gives adequate attention to everyone to ensure you make the most of each session. I have been greatly benefited with her sessions in the weeks that I have been training with her. It benefited me immensely in terms of calming my mind and focusing my attention. I also quite liked the fact that we had a discussion session on Friday, talking about different aspects of life, which we tend to take for granted often. Highly recommended!”

Zalak Shah, Deloitte, Mumbai

Zalak Shah Deloitte - client - The Yoga Mile
“It was a great experience to learn Yoga from you. The kids at Dharma Bharthi Mission found you approachable and easy to connect with. The Yoga asanas will surely help us in increasing our concentration and focus.”