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Who We Are

The Yoga Mile is a Mumbai-based start up focused toward creating ripples of health, joy and wisdom in as many lives as we can. It has been founded with a vision to create the big Indian yoga family – a place where yoga seekers meet, learn and interact with genuine yoga practitioners to grow and evolve together.

As sage Patanjali had said, ‘Atha yoganushasanam’, the time to learn yoga is now! The Yoga Mile loves to introduce this ancient science and wisdom of many thousands of years of experiential research of living yogis to the modern human being of today’s world. When the ancient meets modern, magic can happen!

Why Us

  • Hand-picked trainers – All our trainers have been educated at traditional Indian yoga centres which ensures zero adultery of the classical form of yoga.
  • Essence of original yoga system – We practice and teach Ashtanga yoga as propounded by sage Patanjali which covers all dimensions of the life we live.
  • Professionalism dyed in spirituality – We understand the importance of your time and resources and we strive to give you the best, no holds barred.

Our Values

Ahimsa or Non-injury

We pay the trainers well, teach yoga in an injury-free manner. We also love meeting people over a cup of hot herbal tea!

Satya or Truthfulness

We believe in transparency and speak from experience. We never promise magical healing or quick fixes.

Asteya or Non-stealing

We never get too ‘inspired’ from others. We live by originality of thought and acknowledge the source of ideas.

Brahmacharya or Sensory restraint

We like to preserve the spiritual essence of yoga and do not believe in indulging in crass display of yoga techniques.

Aparigraha or Non-hoarding

We believe ripples can only be formed outwards, that is only when we give, not when we hold on to things, and thus we freely share!

Saucha or Hygiene

We believe in keeping good company. Whenever we hire trainers, we ensure that they come from a well-educated and reliable background.

Santosha or Contentment

We are not here to build mansions. We price our services keeping well in mind the economics of the client and trainers alike.

Tapa for Forbearance

We like to be punctual and responsive and are open to feedback and criticism at all times.

Swadhyaya or Instropection

We keep in touch with what is new in yoga and like to keep learning and bettering ourselves.

Ishwara pranidhana or Faith in higher reality

Whenever the going gets tough, we wait with patience. When the going is good, we thank the universe.


Silky Agarwal

silky agarwal founder and teacher the yoga mile

Silky Agarwal is a traditional yoga practitioner and teacher certified as QCI Level 2 ‘Yoga Teacher’ as per AYUSH Ministry’s Scheme for Yoga Professionals. She specializes in introducing the ancient science of holistic wellness and self growth to people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups.


Yoga for health and personal growth

  • Ashtanga yoga classes

    Hour long group yoga sessions with personalized attention at your doorstep to make sure you get the best of physical and mental well-being at an affordable cost.