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Offer your employees a comprehensive unwinding yoga session in the evenings. These are full 60-minute yoga sessions which breathe fresh life not just into the body but also into the mind. Perfect as a de-stressor, these help your employees not just to stay in the pink of health but also to manage work-life balance such that they are able to give their best in both the spheres.

Benefits of Yoga for Working Professionals

  • Greater focus at work
  • Improved ability to manage stress
  • Enhanced creativity in problem-solving
  • Better inter-departmental and inter-personal collaboration
  • Lesser health related absences
  • Increased inclination towards learning new things and adopting new skills
  • Greater comfort level and stability in the current job

A Typical 60-minute Corporate Yoga Routine

  • Conditioning and warm ups (15 minutes)
  • Asanas (30 minutes)
  • Relaxation, Pranayamas and Meditation (15 minutes)

What You Need To Know Before Planning Regular Yoga Classes In Your Office Premises

  • Is there a yoga room or some space which can be used as a make-shift yoga room during certain hours of the day? If not, we can design a desk yoga or chair yoga program which fits seamlessly in your current work-space.
  • Is there space to stock yoga mats? Because employees like to travel light and would prefer to keep their mats in the office!
  • What timings suit best to the majority of the people working in your organization? Evenings are most convenient for most industries and business verticals.

Try The Yoga Mile As Your Corporate Yoga Partner
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Why us?

Our traditional yoga approach combined with a modern perspective brings in a unique experience to the yoga room – one with the ancient calm yet a vibrant relevance of the modern day. Our roots in the classical yoga enables us to customize the teachings according to the needs of the employees without adulterating the true essence of this magnificent science of living. What’s more, the corporate yoga teachers we hire not only come from an impressive academic background but also have a relevant experience of working in the corporate world which is an added advantage when teaching.

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