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It’s quicker than a snack-break! But the value you get out of one such session is immense. It puts life into perspective, gives you a relief from the information overload, refreshes the mind and the body and makes you feel energized for the latter part of the day ahead of you.

Here’s what our typical 30-minute office yoga routine consists of:

Practices For Posture, Body Awareness and Mindfulness (15 minutes)

  • Practices to relieve skeleto-muscular stress in critical joints like shoulders, neck and back
  • Practices for spine, abdomen, extremities
  • Practices for neuro-muscular coordination
  • Practices to relieve eye stress

Practices For Stress Management and Personal Growth (15 minutes)

  • De-stressor pranayama
  • Refreshing meditative practice
  • Introspective visualizations

Try The Yoga Mile As Your Corporate Yoga Partner
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Why us?

Our corporate yoga teachers not only come from an impressive academic background but also have a relevant experience of working in the corporate world for a good number of years. As such, they bring in a very relatable perspective when conducting these office yoga sessions. Be it at the office desks or at an open space in your premises, our yoga teachers know  how to creatively customize the sessions according to the limitations of the workplace so that the participants are at ease and the practices fit well within the natural pace of the working environment.

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