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“Burn the bad in you” is our 3 month weight loss challenge inviting one and all to get really serious about their long pending fitness goals. It is a well known fact that obesity and excess fat in the body are precursors to a host of lifestyle diseases, lowered immunity levels and poorer quality of life.

What we want to do through this 3 month (1st Aug to 31st Oct 2018) weight loss challenge is to provide the participants and fitness conscious folks with the required guidance and motivation to help them keep working on their fitness goals. The idea is much more than reduction of fat. Weight loss is more of a holistic process where one has to often deal with change of habits, struggle with lethargy, keep up the discipline and make it for the physical activity routines on a daily basis despite the everyday work-life challenges.

Thus, yoga offers an ideal approach towards weight correction. It trains the body via a variety of strength building and dynamic movement postures along with some really relaxing stretches which together help provide the body what it needs to boost up its metabolism levels and burn the toxic fat more efficiently.

What to do

Every participant needs to set a personal weight loss target (weight gain target if you are under weight) to be achieved by October 31st this year. A large part of the class routines will also be focused around weight correction techniques. You will be required to keep a weekly record of your weight and full length photographs to assess progress on a regular basis.

Who can join

Anybody and everybody can join. Those who attend our regular classes as well as those who do not. Online participants can follow it on social media and keep a note of their weight improvements on a weekly basis.

What’s in it for you

Improved lifestyle and a better you! Inspiring stories will be made into blogs and posted on our website.

So here’s to burning the bad in you…shape up before Diwali!

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