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Yoga for health and personal growth

Astanga yoga classes

Hour long group yoga sessions with personalized attention right near your house to make sure you get the best of physical and mental well-being at an affordable cost. Yoga friendships and yoga bonding are all bonuses you get!

Thought leadership in yoga

Experiential blog posts and articles on the ancient science and art of yoga that give us food for thought and provide an impetus for us to keep striving towards our self-development goals. After all, any effort at self-development is yoga!

Career development for trainers

Holistic career growth as a yoga professional with zero financial investment, step by step guidance and personal coaching so that you can focus on living the life of your dreams as you spread joy and health to many people along the way!

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Health Rituals For Us Office-Goers

Health Rituals For Us Office-Goers

Corporate yoga is very popular these days, with HR professionals in various companies conducting yoga-at-work sessions for the employees. Some call it 'office yoga', some call it 'desk yoga'. It...

The Yoga Mile is a meeting point for those who have been walking the path of yoga and those who are new in this journey. It has been founded with the vision of a big global yoga family – a place where yoga seekers meet, learn and interact with genuine yoga practitioners to grow and evolve together!

We take up corporate yoga assignments, offer personal yoga sessions, conduct group yoga classes in various localities in Mumbai and work with like-minded organizations to contribute towards learning, preservation and interpretation of traditional yoga practices of India.