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Traditional yoga for health and personal growth

Yoga for Adults

Aham Poornam (I am fullness) is our holistic group yoga routine for adults of various ages and health backgrounds. Mind, energy, body and intellect are given equal importance in every session.

Yoga for Office Employees

Corporate Zen empowers and guides your team towards healthy habits for success through a combination of simple yoga techniques designed for the mind and the body.

Yoga for Leaders

Dharma Megha (Virtue pouring cloud) is our premium yoga module for growth-oriented organizational leaders, who are looking to take their leadership skills to the next level.

Personal Yoga at Home

Antaranga (Inner yoga) is a personal yoga class package suited for busy bees and health-wise home-bound practitioners. It caters to the specific needs of each practitioner.

Yoga for Women

Amodini (Joyful girl) is our women’s yoga class focused towards hormonal balance, lower back strength, stress management, emotional stability and improved bone density.

Yoga for Kids

Aadhaara (Foundation) is our kids yoga module (for 5 to 11 year olds) designed to build a strong foundation for health and self-awareness in a fun, interactive and creative manner.

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The Yoga Mile is a meeting point for those who have been walking the path of yoga and those who are new in this journey. It has been founded with the vision of a big global yoga family – a place where yoga seekers meet, learn and interact with genuine yoga practitioners to grow and evolve together!

We take up corporate yoga assignments, offer personal yoga sessions, conduct group yoga classes in various localities in Mumbai and work with like-minded organizations to contribute towards learning, preservation and interpretation of traditional yoga practices of India.